2022’s Most Reliable Car Brands, Ranked

2022’s Most Reliable Car Brands, Ranked

Written by DriveAxis.ca December 14, 2022

Gone are the days when buying a lemon was a fifty/fifty gamble at the car dealership. Today’s vehicles are so technologically advanced that every single facet has been optimized to deliver an excellent road-worthy experience. However, even in the modern age, not all brands are created equal.

This is a good thing, since it incentivizes car companies to compete, thereby passing on the benefits of new innovations and technological advancements to the consumer. When it comes to the most reliable car brands, these are the ones leading the pack in 2022, and they continue to influence new generations of vehicles year over year.



Once thought of as a middle-of-the-road car brand, Mazda has continued to sail up the charts with a stalwart determination to become a pack leader. It isn’t quite at the forefront just yet, but the company is clearly giving its contenders a run for their money, while punching successfully above its own weight class against the likes of even some luxury brands.



For years, Cadillac was considered one of the “big three,” along with Lexus and Porsche when it came to reliability rankings. Other brands have since managed to steal a bit of the brand’s thunder, but it’s not out of the game yet. Not by a long shot. Cadillac backs up its stylish trims, technology and performance with some of the most rock-solid vehicles on the market.



Originally a sedan and sports coupe under the Hyundai banner, the company quickly retired the two cars, and created an entirely new brand as a result. Now, Genesis has become as synonymous with upper-tier luxury as Infiniti vehicles are in relation to parent company Nissan. These are head-turning cars with high performance, and some serious craftsmanship.



Those who buy an Infiniti know full well that they’re getting a vehicle that will go the distance - and then some. In fact, Infiniti engines are known for accumulating hundreds of thousands of kilometers without breaking a sweat, which is a feat most car brands can’t manage. The only caveat is that Infiniti cars require strict adherence to maintenance schedules, but that’s for your own good, and that of the car.



Anyone who has ever driven a Porsche understands just how different the experience is in relation to a regular car. There’s something about that ultra-perfect handling and balanced craftsmanship that screams “attention to detail.” Not a surprise, since Porsche has consistently ranked as one of the most reliable car brands in history, even to this day.



While not as popular as it was just a decade or two ago, Buick is still a major contender in the automotive world. Part of the reason is due to how excellent the build quality is on each vehicle in the lineup. In fact, Buick has such a solid pedigree going for it, that it is commonly referred to as the most reliable American car brand on the market.



Lexus is essentially the luxury sub-brand of parent company Toyota, but they share many of the same characteristics. This includes overall build quality and reliability, which neither brand takes lightly. Lexus vehicles might be pricier than many of their peers, but it comes with knowing that the car will go the distance, while keeping the risk of problems at a bare minimum.

3) KIA


Just two decades ago, Kia was considered the laughing stock of the automotive world due to so/so build quality and a reliability rating that bordered on malfeasance. The brand has come a long way since then, mirroring Hyundai’s meteoric rags-to-riches rise to the top of the reliable brands list. Kia is in it to win it, and those with any sense aren’t cracking jokes anymore.



For years, Hyundai has represented one of the best brands in the business, delivering value-based cars to everyday consumers, while still tapping into higher income earners via solid packages and luxurious cars. The trend continues apace, with Hyundai still offering excellent reliability, and a warranty to back it up.



It’s a run-and-gun battle between Toyota and Hyundai for the top spot of most reliable car brands, but Toyota has managed to retake the crown again in 2022. Like Lexus, the sticker price for a Toyota is uncomfortably higher than similar brands on the market, but the tradeoff is one durable and resilient vehicle that maintains its reliability ranking.


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