Sedans Vs. SUVs - Which is Right for You?

Sedans Vs. SUVs - Which is Right for You?

Written by July 20, 2022

The friendly rivalry between sedans and SUVs has become legendary over the past 2 decades, and it will continue unabated for some time. Both vehicle types stress the importance of convenience, comfort and space, which is something that traditional sports cars and other vehicles simply can’t match.

The choice between sedan and SUV is largely a matter of personal preference based on your own lifestyle choices and routines. That being said, either one can be used for a variety of purposes, both in the city, and traveling outdoors for the weekend. Join us as we pit sedan vs. SUV to see which one is the best fit for you.


Both SUVs and sedans remain popular choices for motorists, thanks in large part to the features and versatility offered by both. SUVs have become more of a phenomenon over the years, while sedans remain the quintessential go-to vehicle for many drivers and their families. That being said, SUVs are taking off in terms of overall production rates, and are now eclipsing sedans in terms of popularity.

Therefore, it can be difficult to figure out which one is best for your needs. In order to make a final informed decision, let’s break down the advantages of both sedans and SUVs for a more detailed comparison.


Fuel economy continues to be a battle waged between sedans and SUVs, with the latter finally achieving much better mileage rates due to refined technology. Thus, the gap in gas costs isn’t quite as significant as it was even a decade ago. Nevertheless, sedans still hold the advantage here, based largely on their size and engine choices. Many sedans still ship with a 4-cylinder engine, while V-6 and V-8 options are available for those with more cash to spend. Even those engines are getting major technological overhauls that boost their gas mileage in a considerable way.

Safety is another feature that SUVs can’t quite match. Since sedans have a closed trunk, it’s easier to store valuables and equipment, which keeps them away from prying eyes. SUVs can’t match this feature, but they do come equipped with shields and screens that can be pulled down to hide belongings and valuables. The argument still rages as to whether these kinds of alternatives draw more attention to the vehicle, or less. For that reason, sedans still have a slight edge here. Another safety feature to consider relates to overall driveability. Though many SUVs have excelled in terms of handling, many can still tip over if drivers take a corner too fast.

And finally, price is a factor. Though relatively similar in terms of pricing structure, sedans still tend to cost less, and have a wider range of pricing options. SUVs are larger, and therefore require more materials, which can bump up their sticker price. Many also come equipped with driving tech and features that make them more capable off-road, which means higher associated upfront costs. Sedans may not be able to go everywhere SUVs can go, but they cost less in relation.


The largest and most obvious advantage of an SUV is the amount of space it offers. This differs between makes and models, but the general consensus is that SUVs can store a lot more gear, friends and family members than a sedan. This is especially important for outdoorsy types who love to pile in the gear and head off for a camping or skiing trip. While many sedans can get away with storing a lot of gear, it’s usually much more difficult, given the closed trunk.

SUVs offer a few driveability features that sedans can’t quite match, as well. Their higher stature means drivers can see more of the road in front of them, and this can help navigate areas better. They’re less prone to scraping curbs during turns and parkings as well, and their back window tends to be larger, allowing drivers to keep an eye on what’s behind them. In addition, SUVs offer a number of off-roading advantages that sedans do not, and are therefore capable of navigating far more rugged terrain. Those who prefer to stay within city limits may find a sedan a more attractive prospect in this regard.

And finally, SUVs tend to feature things like all-wheel or 4-wheel drive as an option, which is extremely handy when it comes to tackling treacherous, snowy Canadian winters. Many sedans offer all-wheel drive options as well, but they tend to feature in upgrade packages which can drive the cost up considerably.


Functions and features aside, each driver must decide which vehicle is better for them from a purely subjective standpoint. Do you prefer the rugged, brawny look of SUVs, or would you prefer a sleeker and more streamlined sedan? Both vehicle types have their attractive aesthetic points which are sure to lure buyers, and styling is always going to play a major role when it comes to a vehicle purchase.


There’s no hard and fast rule when it comes to choosing a sedan over an SUV, but drivers should always be mindful of choosing a vehicle that best fits their lifestyle. City slickers and everyday commuters may prefer to invest in a sedan, while travelers and outdoor adventurers may opt for an SUV, but neither of those two are written in stone.

If you’re having trouble deciding on whether to buy a sedan or an SUV, give a call. We have a vast inventory of excellent SUVs and sedans that you can compare before making a decision, and we can assist you when it comes to making the final call.

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