The 10 Best-selling Car Brands in Canada

The 10 Best-selling Car Brands in Canada

Written by May 31, 2023

With so many car brands to choose from these days, it can be hard to know which one to go with. There are times when it helps to see which brands are selling the most across Canada, to get a better idea of how drivers are making their choice. Naturally, this is not a guarantee that you’ll be happy with a particular brand, but it is a great starting point when narrowing down the car you want to buy.

2023 has been a turbulent period for car manufacturers, with many undergoing self-imposed structural changes to the way they make and sell their vehicles. Canadian drivers, on the other hand, are voting with their wallets, and the result is a list of the 10 most popular brands that are selling the best from province to province.



German automaker Volkswagen has continued to refine its vehicle lineup over the past three decades to the benefit of its customer base, while attracting new ones at the same time. While it lacks the sheer lineup size of many competitors, its cars are popular enough to maintain the company’s longevity year over year.

Volkswagen’s popular Jetta, Golf and Atlas are considered time-tested fleet staples, and drivers continue to rave about their excellent engineering, build quality and value-per-dollar, especially when compared to higher-priced luxury competitors. Volkswagen also boasts top-notch safety ratings, a wide assortment of driver assist technologies, and a forward-thinking approach to EV offerings, which has made it popular among Canadian drivers.



Mazda has always had a great showing in Canada, thanks in large part to its affordable, yet high-quality vehicles. From spacious cars to subcompact SUVs, and even sports cars, Mazda has something for everyone, without breaking the bank in the process. The Japanese automaker has also made strides in the area of EV adaptation, which has become popular in an age of sky-high gas prices. All this, without losing its coveted high safety ratings and pack-leading approach to value. Canadians are showing their appreciation by continuing to purchase Mazda vehicles at a healthy rate.



Canadians are no strangers to off-road wilderness adventuring, and the ever-trusty Jeep brand is one they rely on when traversing the rockier parts of the country. The Wrangler and Cherokee continue to sell well among Canadians, thanks in large part to their 4x4 performance and ability to handle anything thrown at them. They’re also perfect for snowy and icy Canadian winters that can leave some cars stranded on the side of the road. The company has also branched out to the urban driver demographic with comfort-focused alternatives like the Compass and Renegade, which is great for weekend warriors.

7) KIA


Only two short decades ago, very few would have predicted that Kia would rise up to become one of the most sought-after brands for Canadian drivers. The company followed the same rebranding strategy as sibling company Hyundai, turning its brand image around with a series of excellent cars backed by generous warranties, and plenty of value. As such, Kia has now become a popular choice for Canadians already saddled with rising costs of living, as well as those who simply want a great car for a great price. Veteran models like the Rio have since been flanked by flashy newcomers like the Stinger, creating cross-generational appeal that translates directly into higher sales. It’s a strategy that seems to be paying off, and Kia shows no signs of slowing down.



Japanese automaker Nissan has forever been associated with high-performance sports cars, but the company has been branching out into the EV marketplace with remarkable clarity. The brand best-known for producing the ultra-fast GT-R is also responsible for the practical Versa and Sentra models, as well as SUV options like the Rogue. The result is a company capable of catering to many different market demographics at once, without sacrificing on quality and craftsmanship.



While Honda’s popularity has slipped a bit in recent years, it’s still one of the most sought-after car brands among Canadian drivers. The secret lies in a mix of quality control, affordability, and adaptability, with several of its models considered mainstays in the annals of car history. Young drivers choose the Civic as their first car, generation after generation, while veteran drivers may choose the Accord, CR-V or Odyssey to accommodate their lifestyle choices and families. Whatever the case, Honda continues to capitalize on its iconic pedigree to drive sales in Canada every single season. It is also branching out into the hybrid and EV ecosphere to offer even greater value to Canadian drivers seeking to decouple from their local gas station.



Korean automaker Hyundai has managed to garner massive sales for many years, thanks to a focus on quality cars backed by excellent warranties. However, the strength of its eclectic lineup has much more to do with its success. Hyundai has prioritized sleek and futuristic car designs to appeal to a wide audience of forward-thinking consumers, while stuffing each car with a generous level of technology, safety features and perks. Though Hyundai has moved definitively into practicality, as opposed to sports cars, its appeal hasn’t waned. Plus, the introduction of EV and hybrid models, particularly the IONIQ line, have brought affordability to the market.



Not to be outdone by its rivals, Chevrolet continues to surge ahead as one of the most coveted brands among Canadian drivers. It also has a miles-long pedigree to back itself up, as well as a line of instantly recognizable vehicles. Chevrolet was also one of the first car manufacturers to enter the EV market with the Bolt, making it one of the more affordable options in that particular sphere. Aside from that, Chevrolet’s lineup is diverse, and caters to many different drivers among practically every age group, making it one of the most accessible brands in the business.



When it comes to build quality, Toyota has remained one of the most reliable and lauded. That’s part of the reason for its enormous success, not to mention a fleet of excellent vehicles that stay at the cusp of new developments every single year. For many, the names Corolla and Camry are as synonymous with driving as a pair of tires, making them instantly recognizable across generations. Toyota has also been wooing the racing enthusiast crowd by bringing back the iconic Supra in a contemporary new form, and it’s definitely turning heads. Add in a host of luxurious options and tech, plus plenty of safety features, and Toyota continues to stand tall in Canada.



Automotive giant Ford took a huge gamble in 2023 by switching its focus entirely to trucks and SUVs. Time will tell if the change pays dividends, but for now, Ford remains the top brand for Canadian consumers, outselling the competition by a massive margin. The F-150 continues to be a solid choice for anyone who needs to haul a lot of gear for work, pleasure, or both, while its SUVs and crossovers serve up a lot of power and performance for offroaders and adventurers. The reintroduction of the iconic Bronco alongside mainstays like the Escape and the Explorer is proof that Ford is focused on a particular vision. Plus, they’re both excellent and reliable when the heavy snow starts to fall.


Interested in buying a quality pre-owned car from any of the manufacturers listed above? There’s a reason they’re selling so well, and that means you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to picking a car that best suits you. If you’re still having trouble narrowing down your dream car, we can help you. As always, DriveAxis guarantees approval regardless of your credit score or history, since we handle automotive financing in-house. Now’s the time to drive off in a quality pre-owned car backed up by our rigorous inspection process, and dedication to customer satisfaction. Contact us today!

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