What to Look for in a Great Sedan

What to Look for in a Great Sedan

Written by DriveAxis.ca July 13, 2022

The sedan has always been a bedrock staple of the automotive industry, especially for families who need four doors and decent space to lug around groceries and other items. Many people choose a sedan over an SUV in order to save on gas costs, without sacrificing too much in the way of space.

Sedans aren’t going away anytime soon, and they’ll continue to sell even as the crossover SUV craze continues on through the years. If you’re in the market for a sedan, there are a few key pointers you should stick to when trying to decide which model is best for you. Read on to learn more about the modern sedan, before you walk into any showroom.


Many people believe that sedan is a one-size-fits-all moniker for a particular 4-door car with front and rear seats, but they may not take sizing into account. It’s there that sedans can deviate from one another in terms of what they’re capable of offering.

Midsize sedans are typically front-wheel drive vehicles that offer a bit more head and leg room, not to mention larger storage capacity. They’re considered an all-around midrange sedan in terms of what’s being offered, and many people opt to buy one for their convenient balance. Many midsize sedans have begun offering more attractive variants for consumers, including all-wheel drive for Canadian drivers who want more security in heavy snow.

Large sedans are as the name suggests, but they’re becoming a rarity nowadays. The SUV has largely replaced what large sedans have offered, and therefore certain makes and models have dropped off the radar, leaving vehicles like the Dodge Charger to pick up the slack. Large sedans are heavier and bulkier, and therefore cost more to fill up at the pump. This goes double for certain models with V8 engines and sports car influences.

Luxury sedans are made to deliver that premium feel with all the features and tech one could dream of, and then some. These are typically created by high-end brands like Mercedes and Porsche, and seek to blend performance with comfort, and specific feature packages. Luxury sedans cost a pretty penny to own, but for the driver with cash to spare, they can turn grueling everyday commutes into comfortable excursions.

Before purchasing a sedan that matches your particular budget and lifestyle choices, it’s good to read between the lines when it comes to individual models. You may have settled on a midsize sedan, but there are enough variations between vehicles to warrant some due diligence.

For instance, not all sedans offer the same gas mileage, maintenance costs or insurance fees. For many, gas is the biggest concern, especially in an age of runaway inflation and a push to eliminate fossil fuels.

If gas is a concern, try finding a hybrid sedan which can seriously cut down on fuel costs, while allowing you to drive much farther for less. Electric vehicles are another option, though most are currently quite expensive, even with government rebate programs attached.

Another factor to consider is storage. If you’re a city-bound driver who needs to get to work while lugging the groceries home, or taking the kids to soccer practice, you probably won’t need a larger sedan. However, if you routinely pack your car with a lot of materials to transport to and from locations, or you’re the outdoorsy type, you may wish to opt for a larger sedan with more space.

And finally, make sure the sedan in question has a sticker price that won’t take a chunk out of your savings. Used sedans are a great way to save a lot of money, even on models that are only a few years old. Whether new or pre-owned, sedans continue to stand the test of time as a go-to for those who want convenience and comfort for themselves, and their families. Many offer similar thrilling experiences to sleek sports cars, while others epitomize luxury, sophistication and comfort over exterior styling. There’s a sedan for everyone.

If you’re in the market for a sedan, DriveAxis.ca can help. We have an inventory ripe with excellent choices for you to browse, and we’ll help you find the best model that fits your budget, lifestyle and everyday needs. Contact us today!

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