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How does work? allows customers to complete their entire used car buying experience online.

  1. Click: Get Approved ➔ Complete a short application & receive your financing terms instantly
  2. Shop: Select from Qualified Vehicles at guaranteed best prices
  3. Drive: Have it Delivered! ➔ Choose a date/time/place convenient for you

Which areas do you service? currently services Ontario, but will be expanding to other provinces soon.

Where do your vehicles come from?

We have a Dealer Partnership Network that is comprised of quality, trusted dealers. This allows us to offer our customers a wide range of vehicles and continuously expand our offering to you.

What if I find the same vehicle at a lower price? offers guaranteed best prices for quality used vehicle. Our trusted Dealer Partners are responsible for updating vehicle prices on a daily basis. If a vehicle has been marked down and we have not been notified, we will match the updated price and give you an additional $500 off. We stand by our guarantee!

What kinds of cryptocurrencies does DriveAxis accept?

We accept a variety of cryptocurrencies from any digital wallet.


Will I be able to get a car if I have bad credit?

Yes. specializes in sub-prime credit situations and has helped over 75,000 Canadians to get the financing they need for a vehicle. Whether you have bad credit, good credit or no credit, we want to help you. Fill out our short online application and get approved instantly.

Do I have to finance with

No. Even though offers the most competitive finance rates in Canada, you can buy any of our vehicles in cash or finance with a third party. If you do get an approval from a reputable third party lender, will match it and give you $500 off the vehicle price. We won’t be beat!

Can I customize my financing terms?

Yes! You can choose your preferred payment frequency, term, down payment and payment amount. Your individual terms will depend on the vehicle you choose and the approval you receive.

What options do I have to make payments?

All clients are set-up with Pre-Authorized Debit payments withdrawn from their bank account.

Will getting pre-approved and submitting the application affect my credit score?

There will be a minimal impact to your credit score, and within 30 days, you can submit as many applications as you wish without any further impact. Please refer to the Credit Bureaus directly for additional information.

Vehicle Delivery

What is your delivery process?

An Axis Advisor will confirm the delivery address and your availability to arrange a date/time that works best for you. On the day of delivery, you will get a notification via email, and a text once your vehicle is on the way. Once the driver has arrived, your vehicle will be unloaded, allowing you a quick inspection, signing of delivery documents and then the keys will be yours!

Can I change the date or time of my delivery?

Yes, you may modify your delivery date/time 48 hours prior to your scheduled delivery. There may be a cancellation fee of $150 if changes are made less than 48 hours to delivery.

Do I need to be there when my vehicle is being delivered?

Yes! Anyone that is an applicant and/or the buyer will need to be present. We will check a piece of government-issued ID to verify your identities and review any documents with you such as your bill of sale or financing agreement.

Can I get the vehicle delivered at a different address than my home?

Yes. We can deliver the car to any address that is convenient for you, however all parties involved in the financing or purchase of the vehicle must be present with a valid government-issued photo ID. Please make sure to provide your Advisor the correct delivery address.

When will I receive my vehicle?

Delivery times vary based on location and availability. We could also make same day delivery possible in a lot of cases.

Will my vehicle already be plated and registered?

Yes, your vehicle will already be registered and plated. You will need to ensure to provide us all names that the vehicle will need to be registered under as well as the corresponding insurance policy. By default, we will assign new plates, but if you’d like to use existing plates let us know and we will make it happen!

When do I have to pay my down payment?

If you are putting money down, an Axis Advisor will collect the down payment prior to delivery of your vehicle via a secure credit/debit card payment or e-transfer.


What is your trade-in process?

On, you will get an estimated trade-in value from Canadian Black Book. To confirm the value, an Advisor will schedule a trade-in inspection. Simply come to our Fulfillment Centre and leave with a firm offer valid for 7 days. Our Advisors will update your financing terms, if there is any difference from the original trade-in estimate.

How does determine the trade-in value?

We pull the values directly from Canadian Black Book. The valuation takes into account vehicle mileage, year, make, model and trim to produce the most accurate and widely accepted appraisal for your car.

Do you pick up my trade-in vehicle or do I need to bring it in?

We offer both options! We can pick up your trade-in when we deliver your new car. Please ensure to remove personal belongings, and have the keys and ownership documents ready.

What does negative equity mean?

It’s fancy schmancy terminology for when the amount owing (total buyout amount from your current lender including loan balance, fees, etc.) on your vehicle exceeds the trade-in value of your vehicle.

Can I include negative equity in my new vehicle loan on

Yes. Our simple online form allows you to include your trade-in vehicle and outstanding loan amount into your application. Our Advisor can also walk you through the process and show the impact on the loan.

Do you have any minimum criteria for trade-in vehicles?

We only accept trade-ins that are safely operable and model year 2006 or higher.

Protection Plans

Do you offer extended warranty and GAP coverage with your vehicles?

Yes! You can learn more about your options for extended warranty coverage as well as Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) under Protection Plans. 90% of our customers purchase an extended warranty for added peace-of-mind. GAP coverage is very popular as well, it covers your loan balance in a case of total loss. Protection Plan eligibility will also vary based on your financing terms.

What is GAP coverage?

GAP pays the difference between what you owe on your vehicle loan and the amount of money your insurance company gives you for your vehicle following a total loss accident or vehicle theft.

How can I renew my extended warranty?

After your extended warranty expires, you can renew it by contacting DriveAxis to reach our Fulfillment Centre. The vehicle would undergo an inspection and then we would submit a new warranty application for you.

I'm having a problem with my car. What do I do?

Our warranty partner, People’s Choice Warranty can be reached at 1-888-284-2356. Please review the Warranty booklet that was provided during delivery.

The Claims Assistants are trained to help you get your vehicle diagnosed and repaired as quickly as possible. They will direct you to a qualified repair center best suited to meet your needs. The repair center will complete the repair and get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Where can I have my car repaired?

There are hundreds of authorized repair centers across Canada. Even if you are on vacation or in a remote area, People’s Choice Warranty will find one anywhere in North America.

What about oil changes and car maintenance?

Your warranty contract requires you to ensure your maintenance is completed at regular intervals. Though you are not required to have it completed by any particular service depot, it must be completed by a qualified commercial establishment and receipts may be requested in the event of a claim, so retain your oil change receipts. Do-it-yourself oil changes are not permitted. Always refer to your warranty documents for maintenance requirements in order keep your warranty valid.

What if my car is still under the manufacturer’s warranty and I need repairs?

Please contact a manufacturer dealership to arrange for the work to get completed.

Where can I learn more about my warranty?

You can read more about your warranty here. People’s Choice Warranty can be reached at 1-888-284-2356.


Could help arrange my insurance?

At this time, you will have to arrange your own insurance and provide proof of insurance prior to vehicle delivery. You can have the policy take effect on the date of your delivery.

7-day Exchange or Return Guarantee

If I don't like my car, can I return it?

Yes. offers a peace-of-mind 7-day exchange or return guarantee! If you decide you don’t like the vehicle or wish to exchange it, simply contact us to set up the return or exchange. You will be refunded the price you paid for the vehicle, minus the shipping/delivery fee. Please read our terms and conditions for the policy here.

What are the terms and conditions of your 7-day Return or Exchange guarantee?

If you decide you don’t like the vehicle or wish to exchange it, you must advise us by 5 PM on the 7th calendar day following your vehicle’s delivery date. makes the process as easy as possible, but there are certain circumstances that would disqualify your vehicle from this policy. Please review our Return or Exchange Policy’s terms and conditions for more information.

How does DriveAxis work?

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